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Quality System

"Quality in CSIL is not just a milestone but the Momentum"

Quality Objectives

The Quality Objectives of CSIL are as given below :

  • Continuously improve on-time delivery and defect level of the products.
  • Continuously improve on-time provision of the Technical Support.
  • Continuously improve the quality training offered.
  • Continuously improve the Processes and System.

The scope of the Quality Management System being practiced at organization shall cover the following

Scope for Cranes Software International Limited

  • Marketing, Sales and Technical Support of the Software Products;
  • Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Documentation, System Integration and Maintenance of Software Projects;
  • Provision of training on specialized software to Corporates and Students.

Typical Structure Of Quality Process at CSIL

flow chart

Here, the Quality Objective(s) is/are defined for each process. These quality objectives are derived from the quality objectives of organization. The quality objectives of a process are measured by the relevant Process Metrics set for the process. Analysis of these process metrics shall give the following :

  • Validation of the process;
  • Effectiveness of the process;
  • Methods for continuously improving the process.

The purpose of the Quality System is to ensure attainment of the objectives of the Quality Policy. The Quality Manual defines and documents the required procedures, responsibilities, quality criteria and quality assurance measures. It also specifies the methods for monitoring and improving the Quality System.

The Quality System is applied in the activities of the organization. Our Quality System is documented in the Quality Manual which is supplemented by separate instructions for the activities. The Quality System is evaluated and assessed regularly by internal and external audits followed by management reviews.

Documentation of the Quality System

The Quality System is described in the Quality Manual and in all related supporting documents. The Software Quality Manual specifies more closely the procedures for commissioned software development. The structure of the documentation is shown in Figure. The documentation provides a basis for the maintenance of the quality standards and also introduces the roles and responsibilities of the staff into the organization's activities.

A four-tier documentation structure has been established. The documented structure is well interlinked between various levels of documents. The hierarchical structure of documents is as described below:




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