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AutoSignalsaves precious time by eliminating programming time normally required for performing sophisticated signal analysis. AutoSignalTM is the only program that completely automates the process of analyzing signals. AutoSignal takes full advantage of its graphical user intuitive interface to simplify every aspect of operation, from data import to output of results. Choose your analysis techniques from the menu or toolbar. Select the algorithm and options from the interface. You get immediate visual feedback with 2D or 3D graphs of your signal analysis plus numeric summaries for reports.

  • Perform complex signal analysis with a mouse click

  • Quickly locate your signal components

  • Precisely estimate with advanced parametric modelling

  • Easily smooth and process your signals

  • Graphically review signal analysis results

  • Identify frequency and power with Fourier Spectrum analysis

  • Effortlessly analyze non-stationary data with wavelets

  • Isolate components by signal strength using eigendecomposition

  • Save precious research time with the production facility

For more information on AutoSignal, visit www.sigmaplot.com


Awards & Recognitions


AutoSignal has won the September Reader's Choice from Desktop Engineering.


Recognizing AutoSignal's "easy-to-use procedures," the December issue of Test and Measurement World acknowledges the signal analysis software as one of the "Best in Test" products for 1999.

-- Annual award from Test and Measurement World, Chicago, 31st December 1999




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