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Cranes Software - Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) distributes content in a standard (XML) format right to you, saving you the trouble of going back to cranes website to get the latest news. The Cranes Software RSS feed is free.

RSS delivers continual headlines and updates of Cranes Software news and press releases, with links back to cranes website for the full text. RSS also lets you pull Cranes Software content into the same format as other RSS feeds you may already have.

RSS Feeds

The following cranes website content is now available via RSS. Watch this space in the near future for more news feeds!

News Releases

  Cranes Software News Releases

How Do I Use RSS?

To use RSS, you will need RSS reader software that will allow you to collect and view RSS content. There are many different RSS readers available, many for free. Most RSS readers are applications that you download and install. Others are Web-based services that you sign up for and work inside your browser.

Step 1 - Select a Reader There are two main types of RSS readers:
  • Standalone Reader
    • Pro: New app that you can populate as desired.
    • Con: One more app to remember to use.
  • Plug-in Reader
    • Pro: Works with an application you already know and use frequently.
    • Con: May clutter your existing application.
List of Readers:

Step 2 - Add Channels and Channel groups

  • Right-click on the XML graphic and select "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Link Location"
  • Follow the instructions for your news reader to add a new channel.
  • Paste the URL for the cranes website RSS news feed into the location provided by your news reader.
Usage Guidelines
  • We encourage you to use these feeds, so long as you do not post our full-text stories, and so long as you provide proper attribution to Cranes Software.
  • Whenever you post cranes website content on your web site or anywhere else, please provide attribution to Cranes Software, either as text or with a graphic if you use the feeds publicly.
  • Cranes Software reserves all rights in and to the logo, and your right to use the logo is limited to providing attribution in connection with the RSS.