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Board of Directors


Mr. Asif Khader, is a well known entrepreneur and business leader. He has been in the Intellectual Business for over two decades and has driven Cranes Software to be one of the largest Technology Solutions Company in India and a well known name in the International Scientific Software Solutions sector as well.

Under his leadership Cranes Software has grown from a marketing and distributing organization of scientific software products, to a mature well-integrated total solutions providing technology Company, which owns some of the leading award winning intellectual properties in areas such as engineering simulation, business intelligence and scientific software, catering to the international market.

Infectious enthusiasms, sharp sense of opportunity, ability to build relationships across company hierarchies and across geographies are the hallmarks of his success. He is equally at ease with commerce and technology. Asif continues to focus on growing the Company and is focused on expanding its the horizons, building the top management team and creating strategic relationships for Cranes Software. This merely emphasizes the responsibilities that he has been handling since the inception of the Company.

Mr. Asif Khader is a Computer Engineering graduate (BE) with an additional degree in statistics.

Mr. Asif Khader is a member of both the Audit Committee and the Stakeholders Relationship Committee.



Mr. Mueed Khader is an intrinsic part of Cranes Software's executive management team as well as a member of our Board of Directors. He plays the role of Director and is responsible for the overall strategic decision-making at Cranes Software.

Mr. Mueed Khader is a member of the Stakeholders Relationship Committee.



Mr. Richard Gall has a BS in electrical engineering from Purdue and an MBA. He is an inveterate process man and his special assignments included Malcolm Baldridge Award initiative, design of process for concurrent engineering when at TI. He has had grounding in Six Sigma at the Motorola Institute as a TI member. He brings global marketing savvy, relationships in several Fortune 500 companies that run for decades and irrepressible process rigour to his job.

Richard Gall will see Cranes foray into the American market oversee business development in Europe and Japan. Gall is a veteran of technology industry.

He handled Product development and Program Management in TI for two decades. His tour of duty at TI included a two-year stint at TI India as its MD. He raised the 500 engineer TI Development Center ground up in Bangalore. Later he was with defense contractors Raytheon in west Asia. He has also served as Technical Director of the Parametric Technology Inc. R&D Center in Pune, India, and is a past Chairman of the Karnataka Branch of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Richard Gall is the chairperson of both the Audit Committee and the Nomination and Relationship Committee.


Smt. Akthar Begum is a M.A. and L.L.B. from Bangalore University and is a practicing advocate. She has worked in Bangalore and other places in Karnataka and also in Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kerala. She has wide experience in various fields such as Criminal, Civil, Labour, Writ Petitions, Contracts, Arbitration, Appellate, Family matters etc. In addition, she has worked as an Arbitrator for 10 years and as a Commissioner for Debts Recovery Tribunal (Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh) for 5 years.

Smt. Akthar Begum is the Chairperson of the Stakeholders Relationship Committee and a member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee.


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