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Cranes Engineering Services

The Cranes Engineering Services division of Cranes is one of the fastest growing strategic business units of the company. The divisions experience in solving complex engineering problems stems from working with global OEM’s for the last three decades. As a result of this immense experience, the value delivered to customers have been maximized by way of reduced analysis turnaround time, improved user productivity, faster return on investment and a flexible and responsive approach to solutions. With the recent acquisition of Engineering Technology Associates (ETA), USA, one of the world leaders in engineering services, Cranes now has a formidable team of over 250 CAE engineers. CRANES-ETA has an experience of over 400 projects.

Industries Addressed: Automotive, Aerospace, Energy & Power, Oil & Gas, Marine, Railways, Consumer Goods and Civil Engineering.

Expertise: Crash & Safety, Vehicle Dynamics & Road Loads, Durability, NVH, Blast, Metal Forming, Material Handling, Fatigue & Fracture, Thermal Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Seismic Analysis, Static & Eigen Analysis, Composite Material Analysis, Electromagnetic Analysis and Civil Structure Analysis.

Select Clients: Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, KIA, Volvo, Chrysler, Textron, Lockheed, Honeywell Technologies, Siemens PGI, ABB Turbo Systems, ISRO, BHEL, BARC, NPCIL, L&T Komatsu, TVS, Mahindra & Ashok Leyland.

Our Approach: Accelerated Concept to Product (ACP) Process.

CRANES-ETA provides solutions to its global customers by integrating ACP, design and development. Using ETA's ACP-Centric Design Process™ to drive the design through advanced simulations, CRANES-ETA can access a network of global partners including EDAG, Ricardo, Mahindra and Roush Industries, ICRC and Advanced Vehicle Engineering. Working in the role of program manager, CRANES-ETA is able to leverage its partner's expertise and consider all aspects of a product's development from the initial ACP and design through to the tool design and manufacturing considerations.

CRANES-ETA has special expertise working with:

  • Automotive Manufacturers (component to full vehicle) on the interior, body and chassis/suspension
  • Heavy Trucks (component to full vehicle) interior, body and chassis/suspension and ride comfort
  • Aerospace manufacturers (component and subsystem) landing gears, crash/safety
  • Appliance Manufacturers for packaging optimization
  • Civil Engineering - ACP applications for crash/safety projects including vehicle bridge impacts, barrier impact, etc.


CRANES-ETA can offer its clients complete flexibility in the type and way it provides its consulting services. Structure varies based on the client's needs. Possible structures include:

ACP project services - CRANES-ETA can support client’s virtual product development activities on a scale ranging from a single simulation and design analysis to a complete engineering design scope, including engineering drawings and prototype parts. Project can make use of our offshore locations, in India and China.

On-site project team - CRANES-ETA can provide turnkey engineering teams, consisting of manpower, computing resources and facilities, to assist the client undertaking an engineering program. The CRANES-ETA group would work as a member of the client's own engineering team, providing the flexibility and agility to meet any variation in its workload.

Technology transfer programs - The final technical recommendations based upon analysis form only part of the project's objectives. Running parallel to the analysis, CRANES-ETA's team uses the project as a training tool to mentor the client's engineers.

ACP process consulting - CRANES-ETA has been uniquely placed to observe the many ways ACP has been integrated into the engineering process. Based upon many years of experience and training CRANES-ETA offers:

  • ACP process-auditing aimed at optimizing process design and implementation
  • Identification and introduction of new ACP technology trends
  • Management and support of ACP facilities; software licenses, hardware and networking
  • Database creation and management of analysis models, material libraries and other support documentation
  • Recruiting and contract staffing

For more information on Cranes Engineering Services please visit www.eta.com or For Embedded Technology, Products & Services visit caravelindia.com



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