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Cranes Customer Satisfaction Survey Form (Product Group)


Name Of Client* #
Name of Client’s Representative* #
Product Name #
Date #
Project Phase/ Stage during which the survey is conducted #


Legends for Satisfaction Levels:

1 - Unsatisfactory 2 - Satisfactory 3 - Good 4 - Very Good 5 - Excellent

Product Maintenance

Customer Management

Product Performance

Problem Resolving

Support Services


A. What aspect of the Product was most satisfactory for you?
Price Installation/First Use experience
Purchase Experience Support Services
Product Performance Repeat Purchase Experience
Usage Experience  

B. Are you receiving Products update information and marketing materials periodically ?

C. Would you recommend the product to colleagues or contacts within your industry?

Any New feature you would like to see in the product which will enhance your productivity.
Suggestions for Improvement



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