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Identity Management



XID is a powerful software tool to extract and analyze identities, represented by names and addresses. Incorporating cutting edge search technology, XID provides an integrated environment for acquiring data from remote databases, creating a local data mart, and applying innovative and powerful algorithms to search inexact matches in names and addresses.


XIP is a server application, which can be configured to perform matches between identity records in a source table resident in any industry-standard (ODBC compliant) RDBMS, and any number of identity records in one or more tables in the same, or other remote databases. The system can be configured to run on-line, or in batch-mode. In the on-line mode, the XIP system can perform a search against pre-defined sets of tables as soon as a new source record is presented, and produce a 'cluster' report. In the batch-mode, it can be configured to begin search when a batch of source records accumulate in a source table.



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