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Cranes Software offers a wide range of award winning Statistical, Data visualization and Computer Aided Engineering software products for the scientific and engineering community. We have leveraged our deep domain knowledge, product development capability and global presence to make our products available to scientists and engineers around the world.

Our development teams, located in Bangalore and California, are involved in the development of SYSTAT®, SigmaPlot, SigmaScan, SigmaStat, TableCurve 2D®, TableCurve 3D®, PeakFit® and NISA.

Our growing portfolio of products is continually being enhanced and upgraded to increase offerings to our customers. SYSTAT 10.2, SYSTAT 11, SigmaPlot 9.0 and TableCurve 3D'S 4.0 versions were launched after acquiring earlier versions. In language sensitive markets in the Asia Pacific region, localized versions of our software products such as SYSTAT 10.2 and SYSTAT 11 in Japanese have been released.

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systatlogo a comprehensive statistical analysis package

Offers a wide collection of features, from the most elementary descriptive statistics to the most advanced and sophisticated statistical analysis, with excellent graphs, for a smooth passage from data to conclusions. Moreover, the Monte Carlo features help accomplish complex simulation tasks.

sigmaplot technical graphing and data analysis software

SigmaPlot® is a scientific data analysis and graphing software package with an intuitive interface and wizard technology that is designed to guide users through their analysis and graphing needs. SigmaPlot's graphing capabilities provide the flexibility to easily customize every graph detail and create publication-quality graphs. SigmaPlot's analytical features include advanced curve fitting capabilities and step-by-step guidance in performing over 50 frequently used statistical tests.


powerful image analysis software

Offers fast, accurate, manual and automatic digital image measurements for Scientists and Engineers


automated curve fitting software

Offers engineers and researchers the power to find the ideal model for even the most complex data by putting thousands of equations at their fingertips


automated surface fitting software

3D is the first and only program that combines a powerful surface fitter with the ability to find the ideal equation to describe three-dimensional empirical data.


automated peak separation

Its advanced non-linear modeling of statistical and chromatographic data remains unmatched, even by the key players in these large domains


Family of FEA programs

NISA family of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) programs is one of the most comprehensive engineering analysis suites available globally to address the Automotive, Aerospace, Energy & Power, Civil, Electronics and Sporting Goods industries. NISA has been an engineer's favorite for more than 30 years.



eta/VPG provides an efficient and comprehensive environment for development of finite element models. In addition, VPG delivers a unique set of tools which allow engineers to create and visualize advanced simulations for vehicle crashworthiness and dynamic durability. Read More



Dynaform is the most accurate die analysis solution available today. Its formability simulation creates a "virtual tryout", predicting forming problems such as cracking, wrinkling, thinning and springback before any physical tooling is produced. Integrated into Dynaform is the analysis engine, LS-DYNA, which is capable of implicit and explicit solutions for a complete and accurate forming analysis. Read More


Strategic Project Portfolio Management solution

InventX® is a Strategic Project Portfolio Management (SP2M™) solution for globally dispersed project teams. It is a comprehensive and cost-effective suite of integrated project management applications. It enables total communication, collaboration, and coordination of an organization's diverse personnel and project resources to maximize the potential for project success.


Improve on Decision Making

The iCapella® product range is designed and supported by business intelligence experts iCapella®. The company's products and services enable organizations to improve decision-making, and reduce the time taken to identify and act upon potential problems, with innovative, cost-effective solutions fully supported by quality advice and value-added services.



The Survey ASYST Software Suite is a complete, zero-programming solution for design and management of research surveys, using mobile handheld computers for field data capture.


xid Identity Management

XID is a powerful software tool to extract and analyze identities, represented by names and addresses.



XIP is a server application, which can be configured to perform matches between identity records in a source table resident in any industry-standard (ODBC compliant) RDBMS, and any number of identity records in one or more tables in the same, or other remote databases.




CranesSci MEMS Lab

Cubeware offers a single solution for analytic, planning and reporting needs of integrating planning, budgeting, forecasting and predictive & what if analysis. A suite of 5 product components for on line data capture, analysis, publishing, & dashboard reporting & can be integrated with SAP business warehouse.




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