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SigmaScanis a powerful image analysis software. It offers fast, accurate, manual and automatic digital image measurements for scientists and engineers. It enhances images with sophisticated techniques and counts and measures image objects SigmaScan also automates repetitive tasks to save time.

SigmaScan Pro's comprehensive list of image types ensures image compatibility- including up to 16-bit grayscale images. You can convert images to different types, paste or splice images from one type to another, or modify pixel resolution while maintaining the aspect ratio of the image.

  • Choose from a vast set of image types and sophisticated enhancement techniques

  • Quickly convert images to useful data with powerful measurement techniques

  • Develop meaningful conclusions with advanced data analysis capabilities

  • Uses powerful image analysis tools for a wide range of applications

  • Count, measure and analyze your digital images

  • Save valuable research time by the automation feature

  • Access SigmaScan Pro seamlessly

For more information on SigmaScan, visit www.sigmaplot.com


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