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CranesSci MEMS Lab

Cranes Software International Limited takes a quantum leap with CranesSci MEMS Lab

Cranes Software International Limited, (CSIL) is playing a pioneering role in the promising area of Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS). MEMS technology is tipped to be the next technological leap after the silicon revolution. In collaboration with Indian Institute of Science (IISc), it has set up a MEMS research lab in the IISc campus.

Christened CranesSci MEMS Lab, it has the objective of conducting research in MEMS technology and developing design for MEMS-based devices with a range of applications. Dr. Rudra Pratap, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department of IISc is personally steering the lab activity. With several highly-qualified researchers on board currently, the lab is currently working on MEMS sensors for acoustic applications and ultrasound imaging, besides developing analysis tools and software for the specific needs for the engineers working in this area. The lab would also function as a resource centre and encourages researchers from other institutes and companies to come and participate in the development and testing activities. The MEMS Lab drives the mandate of creating IPRs (Intellectual Property Rights) in the area of MEMS. Eventually, the Lab will come out with the MEMS chips.

MEMS refers to batchfabricated sensing and actuation systems that integrate the mechanical and electronic components on the same chip at micro and nano scales. The applications of this technology are far wider than any single technology ever known in the human history. The MEMS devices at the atomic size promise to create large-scale electronic storage devices that are beyond the common scientific perception. According to several technology experts, while the race for MEMS technological innovations are intensifying all over the world, India does not have a well-coordinated and planned activity in this area. Therefore, it is imperative to foster strong ties with the professional organizations right from the beginning to steer MEMS-related work. To address the industry needs, CSIL has come forward and is playing an active role in this high-potential area.

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