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Cranes Varsity

Cranes Varsity, established in 1998, is a premier Education focused Indian Institute head quartered in Bangalore, India. Cranes Varsity has over a decade long leadership in Indian Education industry as a pioneer in introducing Embedded Systems and Digital Signal Processing education services to the Indian Market through the late 90's, much before the world recognized the Indian Education market size to be one of $ 40 Billion.

Cranes Varsity is best known and credited in the Indian Education sector for its seeding and nurturing of legendary technical computing tools like MatlabTM and Texas Instrument's DSP's for Indian Engineering Sector through the 90's.

Driven by a passion for Embedded Systems and Digital Signal Processing and a shortage in skilled man-power, in 1998 Cranes Varsity introduced hands-on technical training for graduates and working professionals in the fields of Mathematical Modeling & Simulation, Embedded Systems' Design & Digital Signal Processing through its state-of-the-art training center in Bangalore.

Our Achievements

Today, over a decade later after its inception, Cranes Varsity has trained over 50,000 graduates directly through its education model and over 4.5 million engineering graduates indirectly trained through its University. A total user-base & brand recall with 4 million Engineering Graduates employed in various Indian and multinational corporations is an achievement that is deeply valued and cherished and waiting to be tapped into.

For further information, please log on to http://www.cranesvarsity.com



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