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Cranes CAE R&D Services

The Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) R & D Services division of Cranes is one of the fastest growing strategic business units of the company. The divisions experience in solving complex engineering problems stems from working with global OEM’s for the last three decades. As a result of this immense experience, the value delivered to customers have been maximized by way of reduced analysis turnaround time, improved user productivity, faster return on investment and a flexible and responsive approach to solutions. With the recent acquisition of Engineering Technology Associates (ETA), USA, one of the world leaders in engineering services, Cranes now has a formidable team of over 250 CAE engineers. CRANES-ETA has an experience of over 400 projects.

Business Business Analytics Services

Cranes analytics solutions practice centers around three core themes of analytics enabled, enterprise level decision support solutions, with distinctive value propositions.




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