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eta/VPG is a powerful tool which allows the user to quickly and efficiently create finite element models and create advanced simulations for mechanical system analyses.  eta/VPG can also accurately simulate common automotive safety test conditions, drop tests and fluid-structure interactions.

In addition to the LS-DYNA solver, VPG is also now available with an integrated linear static and dynamic solver, NISA, which allows the user to easily create and visualize advanced simulations within the eta/VPG environment.

eta/VPG provides product development engineers world-wide with the most accurate and complete simulations, for expert insight into their designs. It has become the most robust, versatile and accurate system-simulation solution available.

eta/VPG offers five dynamic and powerful modules which are currently being used in a variety of industries world-wide.  VPG is currently being used to make automobiles, aerospace components, trains, buses, commercial trucks, military products, packaging and consumer electronics safer, lighter-weight and more efficient.


VPG Modules: PrePost, Structure, Safety, Drop Test & ALE/FSI Modules


The VPG PrePost provides a wide range of tools that can be used to efficiently create meshes on CAD data using an advanced automeshing algorithm, which eliminates most manual mesh manipulation. The results are better quality models in a fraction of the time.

VPG has interfaces to create various MCAE model formats. The unique "zero text editing environment" allows users to create complete simulations from within the graphical user interface. Complete LS-DYNA, RADIOSS and NASTRAN interfaces allow the user to see the data as it will be created in the model file.

  • Direct CAD Interface with CATIA, UG, Pro/E, STEP, IGES, VDA and DXF file formats
  • Shell /Plate Automeshing
  • Automated Tetra Meshing
  • Automated Welding
  • Material Library
  • Model Assembly Tools
  • Complete Results Visualization  
  • Graphing Capabilities
  • PowerPoint Plug-in for Results Visualization 

VPG/Structure Module


eta/VPG enables users to create unique system level simulations of mechanical systems such as vehicle suspensions and linkages. eta/VPG enables users to include components as flexible bodies, combining the traditional kinematic/dynamic simulation methods with finite element analysis methods. The results are simulations that provide greater insight and opportunities to improve or prove out your design.
The Structure Module includes:

  • Road Surface Models
  • Tire Models
  • Vehicle Dynamics Tools
  • Full System & Component Durability / Fatigue Assessment Tools
  • Noise, Vibration & Harshness Analysis Tools

VPG/Safety, Drop Test & ALE/FSI Modules


With a complete dummy library, barrier library and airbag folding system, eta/VPG enables users to quickly and easily set-up complex simulations for standard vehicle impact simulations. The "Process Guidance" approach to process automation delivers the flexibility that is needed by users, with a streamlined model creation. eta/VPG users can quickly and reliably create simulation models that previously took a great deal of expertise and time to create.

Structure, Safety & ALE/FSI Features:

  • Suspension Library
  • Parametric Tire Modeler
  • Road Surface Library
  • Fatigue Calculation and Post Processing
  • Dummy Library
  • Barrier Library
  • Airbag Folder
  • Drop Test Module for Electronics/Packaging
  • Parametric Model Definition
  • Fluid Structure Interaction

For further information please visit the eta/VPG website at www.etavpg.com

For any queries or technical support on any ETA product, please contact etasales@cranessoftware.com



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