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SYSTAT, an award winning scientific software for technical professionals, is reputed to be a capable and nimble Windows statistical package. It offers a variety of standard and advanced statistical features and many graph types and insightful presentations for a desktop statistics package. Systat Software proudly introduces SYSTAT 13, the latest advancement in desktop statistical computing. Selected New Features in SYSTAT13:

  • Error Variance with ARCH & GARCH
  • Best Predictors with Best Subset Regression
  • Fitness of Statistical Models Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis
  • Polynomial Regression
  • More 3D & 2D Graphics.
  • ANOVA Upgrades
  • Basic Statistics Upgrades
  • Bootstrap Analysis Upgrades
  • Crosstabulation Analysis Upgrades
  • Hypothesis Testing Upgrades

Quotes on SYSTAT

"The SYSTAT data editor snaps large data files right into place, and it imports everything. I have no problem reading SAS, SPSS, Excel or any other files, and the straight forward scripting language allows me to write easy macros for importing and organizing raw, unformatted data. Dollar for dollar, you can't buy anything else and get what you get with SYSTAT. You get everything! "

-- Dr. Robert Hess, Professor Emeritus Arizona State University

"I really enjoy SYSTAT 13's new tabbed layout, and the descriptive text pop-ups make teaching statistics easier."

-- Professor Roy Plotnick University of Illinois at Chicago

"I have been working with Gail, Andrew and others from your TS area for a couple years now. You have a quality TS team. They deal with even my most stupid of questions tolerantly, patiently and effectively. You could not ask for more from them...I am very happy with the software. It is a great package and able to do what I want to nearly always. The support has been outstanding and these things have kept me using it since version 6 in MS DOS."

-- Dale Pietrzak, Ed.D., LPC-MH, CCMHC Director, Office of Academic Evaluation & Assessment
     University of South Dakota

"...I believe that it's about as user friendly as any serious statistical program can be designed (i.e., one that can handle any request of large data bases). Kudos to Systat for coming through with another great program! I have no hesitation in highly recommending this program to my colleagues and hope that they will when I send out my support of the program."

-- --Diane S. Stasack, Ph.D.

For more information on SYSTAT, visit www.systat.com



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