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SigmaPlot Version 12 is here!

Announcing the all new SigmaPlot 12 - The premier graphing application now has a more powerful advisory statistical analysis features with over 50 key statistical methods and over 100 graph types. The new SigmaPlot 12 contains many new features to simplify and streamline the graph creation process - from importing data to publishing research results. Used by researchers and engineers across a wide spectrum of disciplines for data and statistical analysis, SigmaPlot 12 lets users present their data using exact, publication-quality graphs and reports.

SigmaPlot version12 has a brand new enriched user interface with ribbon styles and context sensitive feature grouping for enhanced functionality and ease of use. This is a remarkable improvement over previous versions.It also has a new property browser with immediate graph update upon object modification, User interface improvements, tabbed windows with possible tab groups, mini-toolbars for modifications directly on the graphs, Quick Access Toolbar Worksheet improvements with formatted text in worksheet cells, Report improvements with new pre-defined style tables, New Curve Fitting Features, New Statistics Features, New Graphing Application and Macro Support Features. Research scientists and engineers will benefit from many new graphing enhancements in SigmaPlot 12.


"SigmaStat and SigmaPlot are now bundled for the analysis and graphic presentation of research data. While the two components of the bundle may be used as single packages or together, they expressively complement each others' work. SigmaStat contains frequently used statistical procedures, including survival analysis, in an easy-to-use package. SigmaPlot concentrates on a broad range of technical functions and edit options to create publication quality graphs."

-- Top 5 Products by Scientific Computing & Instrumentation, 2004

For more information on SigmaPlot, visit www.sigmaplot.com


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