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Quality Organisation & it's Responsibilities

Every staff member of the Organization is responsible for his/her performance and for the development of his/her working methods. Every manager and supervisor is responsible for the quality improvement in his/her respective area.

The Quality organization which, independent of line organization, supports the quality system :

The Head - Quality has the responsibility and the authority to ensure that the quality system is applied in the activities of the organization. Head - Quality plans and controls the processes and institutionalizes across the organization. The Head - Quality makes proposals to the management group for the improvement of the working conditions, training, information and other practices, thus to ensure customer satisfaction in a profitable way.

  • The Quality group and the Head - Quality coordinate the maintenance and development of the quality system, as well as the activities for the improvement of the quality standard, monitor the application of the quality system in projects. They also serve as system specialists, advisers and support persons.

  • The Project Manager / Project Leader is responsible for the results and for the implementation of the project in accordance with the quality system.


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