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New Research Lab set up At IISc

Deccan Herald   
Wednesday, 26 June 2002   

Bangalore, June 25 : Bangalore-based Cranes Software, a solution provider in the scientific software domain, in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Science(IISc) has set up a Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) research lab called CranesSci MEMS Lab in the IISc campus in the city.

With an initial fund of Rs 3 crore, this project has the objective of conducting research in MEMS technology and development design, for MEMS based devices with a whole range of appliations. For those unintiated, the MEMS is integration of mechanical and electronic components on a same chip at micro and nano scales.

The laboratory is currently working on MEMS sensors for acousic applications and ultrasound imaging, apart from developing analysis tools and software for the specific needs of the engineers working in this field.

The lab also drives the mandate of creating IPRs (Intelligent Propery Rights) in the area of MEMS, according to a release.

"One of the main hurdles in developing this technology in the country is lack of a comprehensive fabrication and testing facility for MEMS devices.It is extremely unlikely that such a facility can be built and run with the solitary help of the government.

Participation of companies working in high tech areas is a must", said Dr Rudrapratap, assistant professor at IISc.

"While the race for MEMS technological inventions are intesifying all over the developed world, we in India are still suffering from the lack of a well coordinated and planned activity in this area", said Mr Asif Khader, Co-founder, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, CSIL.

MEMS sensor technology promises to span all aspects of current technological areas such as : energy conversion, communication, biomedical applications, space exploration, defense, environmental monitoring and manipulation. MEMS devices at the atomic size promise to create largescale electronic storage devices that is beyond the common scientific perception, the note added.


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