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Cranes' new middleware product

The Times of India   
Saturday, 31 August 2002   

Cranes Software a total solution provider in the scientific & engineering software domain and the sole authorised distributor for Adventnet's products in India, has announced the availability of AdventNet Middleware Manager 4.0 WebLogic Edition, Optimised for advanced JMX (Java Management Extensions) based management of entire web application ecosystems. ManageEngine is among the first products to use JMX and one of the first to be certified by Sun Microsystems as doing so correctly. AdventNet Middleware Manager 4.0 has a number of exciting new features that make it 'the preferred solution' for managing WebLogic deployments. The End-to-End Web Transactional Views provide complete visibility & analysis of individual transactions and history reports of all the monitored components & representation of WebLogic infrastructure as domain & clusters. The intelligent Root Cause Analyser provides accurate and detailed alarm analysis.

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