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Cranes Software opens centre in Hyderabad

Business Standard   
Thursday, 08 August 2002  

Hyderabad, 7th August : Cranes Software International (CSIL), a Bangalore based company that offers scientific and engineering solutions, today opened its Varsity centre and product marketing & sales office here.<br /> <br /> Cranes Varsity, a resource centre for scientific and engineering excellence, offers training in the high-end areas of Digital Signal Processing, Real Time Embedded Systems and Mathematical Modelling & Simulation. "It is our first centre based out of Bangalore. We plan to open Varsity centres in Chennai, Pune, Chandigarh and Mumbai in due course", said Asif Khader, the MD of CSIL.<br /> 'Companies want their people with domain specific knowledge coupled with hands-on training to handle high-end tools. That is where we find a place with our comprehensive range of products, services and trainings', Asif added.<br /> <br /> The Products division of CSIL offers a wide range of scientific and engineering products which find applications in 35 vertical segments such as automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, telecom, electronics, biotech, pharma, planetary science and instrumentation.

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