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MAPLE 13 – The Essential Tool for Mathematics and Modelling


Maple is the essential technical computing software for today’s engineers, mathematicians, and scientists. Whether you need to do quick calculations, develop design sheets, teach fundamental concepts, or produce sophisticated high-fidelity simulation models, Maple’s world-leading computation engine offers the breadth and depth to handle every type of mathematics. The result of over 25 years of cutting-edge research and development, Maple combines the world’s most powerful mathematical computation engine with an intuitive, “clickable” user interface. Its smart document environment automatically captures all of your technical knowledge in an electronic form that seamlessly integrates calculations, explanatory text and math, graphics, images, sound, and diagrams.


Powerful Math Engine.

The core math engine delivers a broad suite of symbolic and numeric solvers. This includes tools for matrix computation, differential equation solvers, code generation, data analysis, optimization, statistics, and much more.

Ease of Use.

Maple’s remarkably intelligent interface minimizes the learning curve through context-sensitive menus, command completion, templates, palettes, and natural math notation. This makes Maple ideal for everything from quick calculations and design deliverables to full application development with custom interfaces.

Compelling Visualization.

Rapidly generate a broad range of customizable 2-D and 3-D plots, including plots for controls analysis using context-sensitive and interactive plot builder menus. Exploit the programmatic interface for complete control over every aspect of your graphs.

Live Design Documentation.

Maple offers a complete array of document layout and word processing tools that enable you to document as you design. You can do your calculations and produce a deliverable in a single environment.

Extensive Connectivity.

Code generation, external calling, an open API, and CAD, MATLAB®, Excel®, database, and network connectivity means that Maple amplifies the investment you made in other tools.


MAPLESIM – High-performance multi-domain modeling and simulation


MapleSim™ is a tool for multi-domain physical modeling and control systems development. Physical components and signal-flow blocks can be connected to create model diagrams that map onto the real system. System equations can be automatically generated and analyzed, and new physical components can be created within Maple™. It offers tools for optimized code generation, controls analysis, design documentation, and 3-D animation.


Mix physical components with signal-flow blocks.

Rapidly build plant models that use physical components and prototype controller loops using signal-flow blocks, all in one environment.

Model diagrams map onto the real system.

With MapleSim, you avoid having to derive and manipulate system equations into signal-flow block diagrams. Simply re-create the system diagram on-screen using components that represent the physical model. Validation is fast because the model maps onto the real system.

System equations are automatically generated and optimized.

MapleSim uses powerful symbolic techniques to generate model equations in a form you can view, document, and analyze in Maple. Complex models are simplified and streamlined, resulting in very compact, numerically efficient models that run significantly faster than in other simulation systems.

Powerful analysis and documentation tools.

MapleSim is tightly integrated with the Maple environment. Built-in Maple templates help with analysis, creating custom components, optimization, code generation, and more. Live design documentation ensures that processes and design constraints are documented in a math-aware environment.

3-D animation delivers immediate insight.

MapleSim automatically generates 3-D visualizations of multibody systems to help validate the physical geometry of your model. Animation then gives you immediate insight into the kinematic and dynamic behavior of your model.



Maplesoft™ is the leading provider of high-performance software tools for engineering, science, and mathematics. Its product suite reflects the philosophy that given great tools, people can do great things. Over the years, Maplesoft has redefined the instruction of mathematics and created a total solution for modern academic institutions. In the recent past, it has transformed the way engineers, scientists, and mathematicians use math, enabling them to work better, faster, and smarter.


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