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Digital signal processing is essential to today's technology. Cellular phones, MP3 players, car airbag sensors, and state-of-the-art medical diagnostic tools are just some of the sophisticated devices that are made possible through today's high-speed digital signal processors.



Lyrtech's product strategy allows customers to:

  • Decrease their time to market
  • Reduce the costs of new product designs
  • Decrease design risks
  • Address the need for increasingly complex designs
  • Provide product differentiation through innovation

Lyrtech products are designed with one thing in mind - make meeting your signal processing needs as easy as possible. To this end, Lyrtech offers two lines of products:

Advanced development platforms



DSP boards
FPGA boards
DSP-FPGA boards
I/O add-on modules
Clock/GPS time base boards
RF front ends


Advanced development solutions


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Uniting DSPs and FPGAs

Lyrtech was one of the first and is still one of the only digital signal processing solution provider to unite the power of DSPs and FPGAs on the same platforms, allying the processing power of DSPs to the flexibility of FPGAs.

High-speed interfaces

In a world where speed is key in a product's success or failure, you can count on Lyrtech's expertise in high-speed interfaces. Whether you're looking for high-speed, inter-board interfaces or high-speed I/Os, Lyrtech products deliver.

Environmentally friendly products

In keeping up with the times, concern for the environment has become a real concern at Lyrtech. This is why most of our products now comply with the European directive on the restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS).


Through their ingenious use of RapidCHANNEL and add-on modules, systems designed with Lyrtech products can be scaled with a virtually unlimited number of processors and I/Os, making them ideal for even the most demanding processing tasks.

Main application verticals:

Telecommunications - Wireless base stations, software-defined radios, Wi-Fi and WiMAX systems, and more.

Video/Vision - Advanced vision, advanced DSP-FPGA-based image processing, active safety systems for the automotive industry, and more.

Medical - PET, Gamma ray

Scientific - Astronomy, Gamma ray

Professional audio - Ambisonic systems such as home entertainment systems, game sound, satellite radio, and more.

High-level software development tools



Advanced development solutions

  • MIMO advanced development solutions
  • VSGs-VSAs advanced development solutions
  • 4-Wave advanced development solutions
  • Pro Vision advanced development solutions
  • SFF SDR DP advanced development platforms

About Lyrtech, Inc.


With over 25 years of experience delivering advanced digital signal processing solutions to companies worldwide, Lyrtech serves customers across the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Lyrtech offers a full range of DSP–FPGA development platforms, as well as product development services. Lyrtech works in partnership with such industry leaders as Texas Instruments, The MathWorks, and Xilinx to deliver unsurpassed quality and support to its large OEM customer base, which includes many prestigious names of the consumer electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, and defense fields. In a world where digital signal processing technology is vital to network and wireless communications, audio and video processing, as well as electronic systems in all fields of technology, Lyrtech is an ideal partner.


Product Alliances

»  IBM
»  National Instruments
»  Texas Instruments