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FLUID - Fine (finish), Finesse (touch), Flexible (reach)

  • A contemporary Internet Banking application to complement your core banking solution, 'FLUID e-banking Solutions' empowers bank to transform their business - leveraging agile new generation technologies. This modular solution addresses the Retail and Corporate e-banking, and web-based requirements of individual and corporate worldwide

  • Fluid e-banking Solution has been architected with the experience from banks and financial trends across the globe. It offers several powerful and differentiating features making it one of the most comprehensive, flexible and scalable solutions in its class

  • Fluid e-banking solutions marks the arrival of a one-stop solution, packed with several infrastructure services like an e-mail management system, a powerful administration module, reporting tool etc. The solution is designed with state-of-the-art security infrastructure and completely compliant with relevant global best practices in online security

  • The design of the database is based on the information that has been collected from the Core bank and information collected during various Banking operations

  • The data are stored in Oracle 10G. Access to the data will be through a web interface running on WebLogic and using JSP. This design is to allow easy data entry access and querying to both Bank's staff and its customers

  • The driving philosophy behind the database design is to have an efficient, normalized database that would be easy to maintain and expand, as well as allow easy data entry and access

What ails Banking today

  • Lack in Reach
  • Escalating Set-up Cost
  • Lack of staff accountability
  • Higher Exposure to Risks
  • Increased Vulnerability to Security Threats

Knowing Your Customer's needs

  • convenience and tighter control over their finances
  • need to access information 'anytime' and 'anywhere'.
  • deliver on promises
  • lowering of technology costs and entry barriers
  • safeguarding your financial information and maintaining privacy
  • policies made transparent.
  • highest quality service
  • protection to safeguard against unauthorized access to accounts
  • banking more convenient and comfortable
  • to make aware of services that will be of value
  • clearly advised of both returns and risks inherent in investments

'Are we making the life of customers simple? " Yes..'

becos' we provide an easy-to-use Web enabled solution which by the click of the mouse makes possible banking both convenient and comfortable ".
  • Check account balances
  • Balance a checkbook
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Track recent account activity
  • Authorize electronic bill payments
  • Request copies of past statements and processed checks
  • Order traveler's, cashier's, and regular checks
  • Issue stop payment requests
  • Apply for auto, mortgage, home equity, student, or personal loans
  • Bank from anywhere in the world (as long as you have access to a computer and the Internet) Bank weekdays, weekends, and even holidays



Fluid is the next generation Internet solutions - it not only provides very rich functionality for the customers, but goes one level up and mimics some of the branch automation features for bank users

In the world of banking where banks increasingly try to find ways to woo customers by setting up counters in Shopping malls and Coffee shops, Fluid can be a boon for the banks by reducing the Infrastructure costs for setting up a dedicated Branch automation system...

Bank can use Fluid (which just needs a PC and an Internet connection) to do most of the commonly used functionalities - Fund Transfers, DD etc

FLUID - the Product

f l u i d redefines Online Banking with its "scalable n-tier service oriented architecture, combining rich, comprehensive functionality and a contemporary standards-based system".

  • Highly scalable architecture
  • Low Priced
  • Reduced T C O
  • Fast R O I
  • Hassle Free Support and Maintenance
  • Proven Quality

f l u i d 24x7 real-time transaction processing. It is a highly modular system, offering banks the ability to choose the set of functional modules that they wish to deploy.

FLUID - the Features

Two major components - Retail Electronic Banking (REB) and Corporate Electronic Banking (CEB).
  • Account Information.
  • Remittances / Payments.
  • Standing Orders.
  • Bill Payments.
  • Debit Funding and Credit Funding.
  • Invoice Management.
  • Foreign Exchange Contract Online.
  • Online Account creation.
  • Loan Application.
  • Online Trade Finance. (Letter of Credit / Bank Guarantee / Shipping Guarantee)

Flexible: User-configurable functions and plug-in modules 'as and when' required.

FLUID - Technical Features

  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • J2EE Compliant.
  • High Security Options such as 128 bit SSL encryption
  • Standard based Adaptor Interface for communication with other legacy systems
  • Web logic 8.1 as the Application server, Oracle 9i, Broad Vision portal.

FLUID - Product Security

  • No Memory caches for the screen so that the user will not be able to access the previous page
  • Simultaneous login with same User Id is not permitted.
  • Multi-level authentication at both the client level and at the service level.
  • 128-bit Encryption environment using SSL
  • Multi layered security architecture comprising firewalls, filtering routers and encryption in place
  • Encryption techniques used by the Bank (including the sophisticated public key encryption) would ensure that the privacy of the data flowing between the browser and the bank application is protected.

FLUID - where is the value addition

  • Authorization matrix- User-wise limits for Funds transfer authorization
  • Multi-language support - Currently tested in English and Arabic.
  • International Banking System - Multi Currency Support, Bank anywhere , anytime.
  • Adaptability - Adaptors are available to integrate readily with different Core Banking Applications. (Current integration has been done with Phoenix).
  • Configurable Workflow - Multilevel signatories to simulate the real bank scenario
  • product to relationship focused - utilize new technologies to gain competitive advantages

To know more about ITS please visit: www.its.ws


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