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ASAP® is the time-proven industry standard in optical software, offering optical-system designers unmatched capability, flexibility, speed, and accuracy. ASAP accurately predicts the real-world performance of automotive lighting, bio-optic systems, coherent systems, displays, imaging systems, lightpipes, luminaires, medical devices, and many other optical systems.

The product of more than 20 years of continuous development, ASAP is able to simulate the physics of more optical systems than any other program available. ASAP unites geometrical and physical optics with full 3D models of optical and mechanical systems. Built-in graphical tools allow visualization of model geometry, ray-trace details, and results analysis. ASAP handles it all, including scattering, diffraction, reflection, refraction, absorption, polarization, and Gaussian beam propagation.



ASAP is now interoperable with many CAD programs. ASAP can be configured to open native CAA V5 CATIA® files from the program by Dassault Systemes, to write ASAP-specific GTX files from within SolidWorks®, the program by SolidWorks Corp., to write ASAP-specific IGES files from within Rhinoceros®, the program by McNeel & Associates, and to import IGES files from other CAD programs -- numerous options for accurate, seamless geometry transitions into ASAP. Additionally, the BRO GTX file format allowing interoperability between the SolidWorks Parts Only 3D Modeling Engine and ASAP 2008 now allows users to assign layers and object names within SolidWorks.
ASAP is also able to import (and export) complex vector field distributions from the finite-difference, time-domain code FDTD Solutions, by Lumerical. Together, ASAP and FDTD Solutions are able to handle both macroscopic optical systems and microstructures in an elegant manner. No other software combination spans such a large optical space.


The speed-optimized ASAP non-sequential ray-tracing engine is the fastest available, and without the accuracy-compromising surface approximations of other programs. Model almost any conceivable geometry in a single working model, and analyze the behaviour of your system in hours instead of weeks.


Optical system designers in 35 countries rely on ASAP for virtual prototyping with great accuracy and confidence. ASAP will model the finest details, which means you can depend on your simulation results to mirror real-world performance.

ASAP Benefits

With ASAP, you get the most sophisticated software program available for creating optical solutions in-house -- everything you need to create without compromise and reduce your product development timeline.


  • Model optical and mechanical system components
  • Model imaging systems, non-imaging systems, and light-concentrating devices
  • Model visible, ultraviolet, and infrared radiation in optical systems
  • Model surface (BRDF) and volume scatter (pre-defined or custom)
  • Model polarization and coherent effects in optical systems
  • Model propagation in optical fibers and fiber coupling
  • Build system models requiring large numbers of objects and sources
  • Render system geometry, raytraces, and light sources
  • Propagate and analyze wavefronts using Gaussian-beam decomposition
  • Propagate in microstructures using the ASAP beam-propagation method
  • Perform double-precision ray traces and analyze individual ray histories
  • Perform numerical and graphical CIE/Chromaticity analyses
  • Optimize optical systems with the ASAP Optimization interface
  • Tolerance optical systems in the ASAP Builder interface or scripts
  • Import systems from CODE V®, OSLO®, SYNOPSYS, and ZEMAX®
  • Import/export complex vector-field distributions from FDTD Solutions
  • Import measured source data such as Radiant Sources
  • Use SolidWorks Parts Only 3D Modeling Engine (license included in some configurations)
  • Write ASAP-specific GTX files from within SolidWorks
  • Assign object and layer names in SolidWorks
  • Write ASAP-specific IGES files from within Rhinoceros
  • Import/Export IGES files using the ASAP smartIGES translator
  • Import geometry and optical properties using the XML file format
  • Integrate scripts in Python, VBscript, Jscript, and other languages
  • Use pre-defined LED, CCFL, incandescent, and arc sources
  • Drag-and-drop sources, lenses, glasses, scatter models, and coatings
  • Begin your simulation with one of 600+ example files
  • Spawn up to 5 additional ASAP sessions on networked computers
  • Create your own custom workspace within ASAP






ASAP Software Modules:

ASAP Lite - Includes everything necessary to design and analyze basic imaging and illumination systems. ASAP CAD+ - This enhanced version of ASAP has been designed with the fusion of mechanical and optical engineering in mind ASAP OPTICAL + - This enhanced version of ASAP has been designed for complex analyses where coherent light propagation and polarization come into play ASAP ADVANCED - This enhanced version of ASAP combines the design power in CAD+ with the advanced optical-system modeling possible with OPTICAL+.


  • A complete virtual-prototyping platform to innovate, design, and analyze
  • Comprehensive modeling capabilities for modeling imaging and non-imaging
  • Exclusive interoperability features to address a whole range of problems
  • The fastest non-sequential ray-tracing engine available
  • Accurate results you can count on every time!


About Breault Research Organization (BRO)


BRO is an optical engineering firm of global reach and reputation. BRO's optical software products help engineers turn creative visions into working prototypes, and the company's own engineers work on beyond-state-of-the-art projects for Fortune 500 companies, research institutions, and top government labs. In over three decades of innovation, BRO has contributed to the success of engineering projects for thousands of clients.

BRO has been recognized by the director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for export achievements, received Wells Fargo Copper Cactus Awards for Best Place to Work and Community Service, and been commended by Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano for excellence in technology development. BRO is a company steadfastly committed to innovation and the success of its client.


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