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IOSO Products

Design optimization software

Universal software for real-life optimization tasks.

Multicriteria Optimization Software IOSO NM 1.1

Novelty and distinctive features of IOSO NM:

  • multiobjective optimization for large-dimensionality problems (up to 100 independent design variables and up to 100 constraints), which allows to reach the increase of efficiency by 2 - 7 times higher than that of middle-dimensionality optimization tasks (20…40 design variables)
  • low expenditures for optimal solution search (reduction of the number of analysis code direct calls by up 20 times, depending on the complexity and dimensionality of the task)
  • full automatic optimization technology algorithms with easy to use procedure of task setting
  • the possibility to solve multidisciplinary optimization problems
  • multiobjective optimization for stochastic problems, having complex topology of objective and the large number of constraints. Now it is well-known that many methods are capable of solving the tasks having up to 10 - 20 variables, and it is not known the analogues to IOSO  optimizer that is designed for large-dimensional multiobjective tasks
  • solving all classes of optimization problems including stochastic, multiextreme and having non-differential peculiarities

More about IOSO NM 1.1

Multicriteria Parallel Optimization Software IOSO PM (Beta version)

Enables IOSO PM:

  • Maximum use of the potential of multiprocessor systems and local area networks for reduce total time of solving optimization task
  • Efficient use of difficult-to-parallelize applications and computation models
  • Solution of complex problems which have to the present time been thought impracticable to target

Single-objective Optimization Software IOSO NS GT 2.0

IOSO NS Gt v.2.0 is the program package implementing IOSO Technology algorithms for a single-objective nonlinear optimization with a moderate number of design variables (up to 100).

High efficiency of the evolutionary self-organizing algorithm. The efficiency is guaranteed by internal adaptive choice of the algorithm suitable for each particular problem. This feature results in solving complex optimization problems with minimal number of evaluations of the system mathematical model

More about IOSO NS GT 2.0

Easily integrating software for solving all spectrum of optimization tasks.
IOSO Software is based on open architecture and therefore is compatible with almost all CAM/CAD/CAE applications both commercial and in-house.
There are different independent versions of our Software designed for solving the following classes of nonlinear optimization tasks:

All IOSO-based software packages were developed according to the common concept of the optimization task statement including initial data settings, data exchange with user's applications, and the analysis of the obtained results. Details..



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