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Simulation of power systems has never been so easy. The EMTP-RV package combines a powerful computational engine with superior modeling flexibility and drag-and-drop simplicity.

EMTP-RV is suited to a wide variety of power system studies, whether they relate to project design and engineering, or to solving problems and unexplained failures.
  • Power system design.
  • General purpose circuit analysis: wideband, from load-flow to steady-state to time-domain.
  • Simulation and analysis of power system transients: lightning, switching, temporary conditions.
  • Detailed simulation and analysis of large scale (unlimited size) electrical systems.
  • Network analysis: network separation, power quality, geomagnetic storms, interaction between compensation and control components, wind generation.
  • Synchronous machines: SSR, auto-excitation, control.
  • Multiterminal HVDC systems.
  • Power electronics

  • and more...


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Key Features

  • Object-oriented based programming methods
  • Designed for very fast computation with fully dynamic and case-tailored memory usage
  • New sparse matrix based formulation of network equations capable of handling very large cases, eliminating topological limitations and providing a plugin model interface
  • Significantly improved solution method for nonlinear models: provides very fast convergence, no topological restriction

  • Open architecture coding that allows users customization and user side implementation of sophisticated models
  • Major improvements in the simulation of control systems
    • New approach with built-in models and encapsulation
    • Better ordering techniques
    • Optional iterative solver for precisions and user-defined modeling options
  • New steady-state solution with harmonics
  • New three-phase load-flow
  • Automatic initialization from steady-state solution
  • New capability for solving detailed semiconductor models
  • Simultaneous switching options for power electronics applications
  • Code structure designed to be expandable to specialized toolboxes

Overall Architecture

EMTP-RV computational engine is driven by EMTP Works. The bulk data transmission from EMTP Works to EMTP-RV is performed using a Netlist file. EMTP-RV reads the Netlist file, decodes the simulated network topology, finds all required device models and computation functions, builds the system matrix and performs the simulation. The simulation results are saved into binary and ASCII files.

The main binary file is used for showing simulation waveforms from a stand-alone waveform visualization application named ScopeView. Some of such output files are HTML files and can be viewed only through the Internet Explorer Program.

EMTP Works can also start a data translator function which is designed to convert old EMTP96 (previous version of EMTP) data files into a translated file format which can be decoded and simulated by EMTP-RV. The Data Translator is used only as a temporary transition option and has a limited compatibility with old data cases. There is no direct mapping between the old EMTP-V3 models and the new EMTP-RV models and there is no schematic generated by the translator

Simulation options

EMTP-RV accepts several simulation options which are performed for arbitrary network configurations. All options are applicable to all devices within documented rules of device behavior. These are:
  • Frequency scans
  • Steady-state solutions: linear harmonic steady-state solution, non-linear harmonic steady-state solution and three-phase power flow
  • Time domain solutions: fixed time-step trapezoidal with/without backward Euler method, automatic initialization from steady-state, startup from manual initial conditions and special option for power electronics instantaneous switching conditions within a time-step
  • Statistical/systematic analysis

About CEATI International Inc.:

CEATI International Inc. brings electrical utility industry professionals together, through focused interest groups and collaborative projects, to identify and address technical issues that are critical to their organizations. Participants can undertake projects that respond to their strategic goals at a fraction of the cost of doing so independently. The need for international breadth and inter-industry applicability in technology development is addressed through a practical, dynamic and cost effective program

As of December 1, 2006, all marketing and support for EMTP are being adopted by CEATI. CEATI brings to the table over 30 years of experience in technology development in power systems. In addition, the existing EMTP-RV technical team, with their knowledge and years of experience, remain devoted to product development and support. Our goal with these changes is to ensure a seamless transition, the best possible support for our customers and ongoing product development.



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